Training Realistically to Survive Reality

Welcome to Senshido Alaska

Self-Defense Begins With The Self
Attacking Violence At It's Root

Senshido Alaska is a leading Hostile Confrontation Management and Combatives training firm in Alaska. 

Our goal is your safety - period.

Our programs offer the following primary pillars for effective personal protection:

  1. Awareness and Avoidance Strategies and Principles
  2. Embracing and Fine Tuning Our Intuitive Radar
  3. Natural Instincts and Protective Reflexes
  4. Verbal & Tactical De-Escalation & Communication Strategies 
  5. Protective Offense & Physical Retaliation 
  6. Post-Conflict Considerations 
Whether you are an individual seeking personal protection training, a concerned parent about your teen being bullied, a school or medical facility administrator seeking a viable workplace safety & violence prevention program for your establishment, a small group wanting to host a Women Self-Defense Parties, a safety officer for a large corporation developing or seeking advice on your current program, a martial arts instructor, a Military / LEO / DOC personnel seeking to supplement your current Combatives training, or a female soldier who is scheduled to be deployed to a dangerous base, please contact us and let us show you how we can help you obtain your goals.

5-Week Senshido Self-Defense Workshop

Only $300
(A $200 Savings!)

Beginning Sunday October 12th - November 9th

2-Hours Every Sunday from 2:00pm - 4:00pm Learn Life Saving Strategies and Self-Defense Tactics!

* Protective Reflexes Hardwired Into Each Individual * Conditioned Protective Responses * Gross-Motor Skills that can be Easily Used
* No Memorization of Complicated Skill Sets * The Shredder CQC Concept * Defense Options Against Common Attacks
* Defense Options Against Common Weapon Attacks * Verbal & Tactical De-Escalation Strategies
* Decrease the Reactionary Gap * Increase Response Time
* Fun & Exciting * No Ego Atmosphere
* And More!

Due to the serious, sensitive and confidential nature of many of Senshido Alaska's training programs -
Senshido Alaska reserves the right to refuse training to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

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